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When will it be legal for cartoon characters to marry Chinese?Anonymous183 hours
Hey FuckersThe Asshole !j8WdfRT3xY7168 hours
Alvis Day is coming. (Poll)Anonymous-98 hours
A message from Bert : Work is killing me.. :I am going to go the fuck off before too much longer..Syntax6199 hours
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Spinning Back in Black. RIP Malcolm Young.Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U1141 day
REMOVE THE POSTAnonymous8282 days
Are glow in the dark cats with jellyfish genes part of an experimental supersoldier program?Anonymous7222 days
Meanwhile in the united states...Anonymous5302 days
Just another reminder.catherine-162 days
Firefox QuantumAnonymous3292 days
musturbation poll (Poll)Anonymous8363 days
Why is TG so mad?Anonymous15243 days
Is there any American senator, actor or comedian who is not either a pedophile, rapist, philanderer,Anonymous3193 days
What kind of counrty would we be living in...Anonymous5303 days
Looks like TG wins again!Anonymous40823 days
What's up TC?Anonymous9233 days
President Trump appoints ghost hunter to high level positionAnonymous6304 days
Question for The RobotAnonymous2174 days
Beep bop boopThe Robot6214 days
Is "Father Merrin" a bigger faggot than Matt Miller? (Poll)Anonymous10325 days
Fatfuck pm meAnonymous3315 days
ATTN: DocAnonymous1165 days
Un disastro annunciato!Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U47556 days
Seriously why does this still exist?Anonymous15476 days
I went to a whore house last nightFather Merrin !Ep8pui8Vw26456 days
Pewdiepie made a video about Chris-chan!Anonymous3321 week
Newfag hereAnonymous19581 week
which of these are cool to say? (Poll)Anonymous12421 week
Does God support pedophilia?Anonymous8591 week
Attention: Father Merrin: your opinion please:Anonymous28351 week
Bert, better have my money!Dante1291 week
Hasta la vistaAnonymous1231 week
Does anyone here go to WNEU?Anonymous5221 week
British Grocery Chain, Tesco does a commercial for "Christmas" w/ Muslims & Sikhs but no Christians!Anonymous6341 week
Bert's brother is in Egypt making rape threatsAnonymous4321 week
Somebody murdered a neighbor's pet ponyAnonymous2271 week
Man does oral sex wrong. Autistic hooker, doesn't know how to tell him, so shoots him in the head 2xAnonymous14551 week
Are you a manlet? Here is how to tell. Girls too!Anonymous9471 week
What would TGcomix do if he was caughted by Chris Hansen?Anonymous4221 week
So now we find out moral degenerate Charlie Sheen sodomized 13-year-old boysFather Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U53961 week
Bert's life matters.Anonymous9381 week
what are your thoughts on r/hapas?Anonymous6261 week
Were you touched by an angel?Honest Trü Lawyer7391 week
gun grab bill introducedAnonymous4231 week
how can i contact frank_usrsAnonymous14371 week
Do you think quack is finally over ducky by now...Anonymous10441 week