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Buttshits.Anonymous6 hours
SpriteAnonymous21 hours
Buttshits. Anonymous1 day
BonersAnonymous1 day
Buttshits. Anonymous2 days
SpriteAnonymous2 days
Buttshits.Anonymous2 days
rteratrststadgfAnonymous3 days
wergfsddfgdtsgdgasdgsdsfdsfAnonymous3 days
vv the FEL has been lobbying for this for several years.Anonymous3 days
terytydhfgtaryfhgjAnonymous3 days
v What if we made things fair by spaying and neutering people too?Anonymous3 days
v, vv, Think about it, who stands to benefit the most, from taking the feline overlords' ability to reporduce? Reptoids. Dogs with AKs are unlikely, due to our overlords sharing their weapons tech with the dogs w/AK47s.Anonymous4 days
v I always suspected the dogs with AKs were behind it, personally.Anonymous5 days
v That's one of the saner things be championed by a RSSS then. Are you sure it's one of the reptilia's policies? Anonymous5 days
Don't spay and neuter your cats, Bob Narker is one of the reptilian sympathizing statist scum.Anonymous5 days
v I eagerly await such a glorious day.Anonymous5 days
vv You will be granted clemency when the feline overlords reclaim the Earth.Anonymous5 days
The concept of "lockdown mode" has now been eliminated; the board will permanently force newbies to submit all posts for moderation. This is very sad but also very necessary. It's also been de facto default for quite some time now, with that old mode being on almost 24/7. I've given this a lot of thought, and there just is no way that newbies' posts can be allowed to go live immediately when so many of them have been spam garbage for so long.Anonymous6 days
*pets your cat*Anonymous6 days
Please don't yell, my cat is trying to sleep. Anonymous6 days
Buttshits.Anonymous1 week
vvvv Attention Tinychan

That is all, please return to your shitposting, or else...
Anonymous1 week
If you people are all so triggered, why don't you just pull it already?Anonymous1 week
v Yall nuggets list'n to meeeeeeeeee.

Aight dats all yall muthafuckas go back to fuckin post yer shitpostin ya hear me?
Nugget Syntaxroll !Uvm54ORbmo1 week
v Please rephrase your statement in a less triggering fashion. Ty. Anonymous1 week
Attention Tinychan.

That is all, please return to your regularly scheduled shitposting.
Anonymous1 week
Buttshits.Anonymous1 week
ButtgetsAnonymous1 week
Buttshits. Anonymous1 week
v Whiner.Anonymous1 week
v It's tha gratest.Anonymous1 week
alone.............Anonymous1 week
Buttshits.Anonymous1 week
NuggshitsAnonymous1 week
Buttshits.Anonymous1 week
v Yes.Anonymous1 week
nnoooAnonymous1 week
v I think it is.Anonymous1 week
BU-BU-BU-BU-BU-BU-BU-BU-BUTTSHITS!!!Nugget Syntaxroll !Uvm54ORbmo1 week
ButtshitsAnonymous1 week
BUMP!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A BULLITIN BOARD!!!!!! YOU CANT "BUMP"!!!!!!!
LOL!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous1 week
Bump.Anonymous1 week
Only glorious Red Army be pf posting boolitins.Anonymous2 weeks
v 10/10, bud.Anonymous2 weeks
vv weeks
v Sounds like US poleece
"I don't give a fuck, I was drinking Sprite when I watch your school fucking shooting."
Nugget Syntaxroll !Uvm54ORbmo2 weeks
Sprite Army!Anonymous2 weeks
GREEN RAMYNugget Syntaxroll !Uvm54ORbmo2 weeks