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The nuggets that ate my baby will not stop harassing me for another baby!Anonymous8 hours
v at least you're not bertAnonymous2 days
I'm sorry that sometimes I don't post. My life gets depressing and I just don't feel like doing much anymoreAnonymous2 days
A prostitute is like any other woman,
They all trade something for sex,
And they do it well.
Anonymous3 days
BumpAnonymous5 days
vv I am honored.Anonymous5 days
Buttshits.Anonymous5 days
v days
Tinychan cured my autism, IBS, PMS, DT1, HOA, BBB, PBS, ESPN, as well as my raging hemeroids. Thank you, Tinychan!Anonymous6 days
P.S. NuggersAnonymous6 days
Buttshits.Anonymous6 days
You read these bulletins, and then go back to being fucking dead. Nothing ever works. You fucking ignore them.
Just take the latest thread made — it was made 4 hours ago and now it's been 3 hours with not a single fucking post. You'd expect tens of replies by then at least — but no... nobody is using this fucking board, so there are none. Maybe tomorrow it will have a few replies.
It's useless. Pointless. Completely fucking retarded. There is no motivation for me to do anything when this happens.
Anonymous1 week
v Second.Anonymous1 week
v No.Anonymous1 week
can we make this the new s4sAnonymous1 week
v Same guy, why do you think Santa wears that red suit? What about all of Santa's magick powers, where do you think he got those?Anonymous1 week
Hail SantaAnonymous1 week
v That's kind of a long route for a pick-up line, but I'll allow it for mentioning Satan.

Hail Satan.
Anonymous1 week
"Mmm, Girl. Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven? For rebelling against God?"Anonymous1 week
*53 hours
v It rolled over as I was deciding whether to save or not. I didn't.
Anonymous1 week
If you don't save the image, changes from the last 52 hours will be lost.Anonymous1 week
After weeks of deliberation, you have yet to hear a compelling argument for not beating most of the people you've ever met to within an inch of their lives.Anonymous1 week
Not all back people are looters, but all looters are black.Anonymous1 week
v What are you talking about, of course the illuminati isn't real. Say, would you tell me if this rag smells like chloroform to you?Anonymous1 week
vv He wasn't a skater boy, he was an Illuminati goy, he abducted the real Lavigne and created a doppelganger of heeer. Isn't that how the song goes?Anonymous2 weeks
"Last topics created 4 hours, 16 hours and 21 hours ago." ← STOP. BEING. FUCKING. DEAD.Anonymous2 weeks
Illuminati Clones - Was Avril Lavigne Replaced?Anonymous2 weeks
Evolution doesn't take prisoners.Anonymous2 weeks
vv Inorite? There could be no poor, no hungry, and plentiful baby stew, but nooooooooooooo.

Thanks alot, Obama.
Anonymous2 weeks
All species come from species, which no longer exists. It's like the chicken and the egg. Obviously the Egg came first, but it wasn't lain by a chicken, but one of the chicken's ancestors.Anonymous2 weeks
v Such a waste to let them rot when you can make a nice stew instead. Anonymous2 weeks
vv We should have been eating poor people's babies, long ago.Anonymous2 weeks
Dan? Jared? You guys here?Anonymous2 weeks
P.S. Hail Satan. Anonymous2 weeks
"Kill two birds with one stone. Feed the homeless to the hungry."Anonymous2 weeks
v $20 is $20. Anonymous2 weeks
u guys r fucking gay as fuckAnonymous2 weeks
v Phew, I completely forgot about that. Thanks, pal, you're a lifesaver. Anonymous2 weeks
v Can do! I'll also have the courthouse fax a copy of my birth certificate to you, JIC.Anonymous2 weeks
vv It would be really helpful if you'd post that with your mother's maiden name, the name of your first pet, the street you grew up on, the make and model of your first car, your DOB, and a copy of your drivers license. Anonymous2 weeks
vv Sure, I'll post my Skype on an anonymous BBS. Is there anything you'd like, my SSN perhaps?Anonymous2 weeks
"Last topics created 14 hours, 21 hours and 24 hours ago." ← WHY, GOD?!Anonymous2 weeks
post ur skypes ill add uAnonymous2 weeks
v Yeah, that'll do it.

Okay, I need everyone on TC to invest in eSight Eyewear, then we'll turn the world blind with these portly poisoned pancakes and make a killing selling people back their eyesight!
Anonymous2 weeks
vv Tropane alkaloids.Anonymous2 weeks
"I've never killed anyone. I don't need to kill anyone. I think it. If I started murdering people there'd be none of you left."Anonymous2 weeks
v What are you putting in your pancakes that's blinding people?Anonymous2 weeks
v Fuck that shit. I'mma make a pancake so big, you'll probably go blind.Anonymous2 weeks
The Kalashnikov rifle is a symbol of the creative genius of our people.Anonymous2 weeks