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v Do neit fix what is neit broken, comrade.Anonymous1 day
Why haven't these canine commies traded in their AK-47s for the AK-12 yet? Anonymous2 days
v Yes, that is correct.Anonymous2 days
v Catherine post.Anonymous3 days
"I also been gaining an interest in documentaries and the news which kind of comforts me knowing what's going on in the present day of our world which I consider to be odd considering as most people probably wouldn't find the news to be comforting since it's been depressing as of late." - Catherine, Feb. 2015Anonymous3 days
v Dogs with AK47s, definitely.Anonymous4 days
"Wake up, drink water, smoke blunt, clean/oil my Kalashnikov." - Dogs with AK47s, probably. Anonymous4 days
vvv I'm totally clam, dude.Anonymous4 days
Niggers.Anonymous5 days
7AM Morning: Came to take us away.
Little men; big guns pointed at our heads.
Anonymous5 days
v clam the duck down.Anonymous5 days
No1carsAnonymous6 days
Utinam coniurati te in foro interficiant.Anonymous6 days
vv This ain't the Temple of Syrinx, motherfucker.Anonymous6 days
v I'm gonna assume you haven't.Anonymous1 week
Attention all Bulletins of the Board Federation. We have assumed control.Anonymous1 week
Nuggets gunna nug. Anonymous1 week
Nice assumption bulletin.Anonymous1 week
V Hi, pedo!Anonymous1 week
v Hi, Newfag!Anonymous1 week
V Little did you know, said scholar is a known pedophile himself, thus trying to diminish the severity of his sick perversion. Anonymous1 week
TCNN Breaking News: Virtually Unknown Religious Scholar Declares "God Forgives Pedophiles" Moar on this @11Anonymous1 week
v Sheep fucker.Anonymous1 week
Sometimes you'll read something and be like "That's fucked up!" That's the fancy way of saying it's an epistemic act of violence.Anonymous1 week
Buttshits.Anonymous1 week
v FND or the TinyCouncil? Neither should be taken lightly.Anonymous1 week
v What in the ding-dong-heckama-doodle hell is that?Anonymous1 week
v The TinyCouncil found that using colors was easier for autists to understand, so was born the current FND alert system. FND is no joking matter, bud.Anonymous1 week
v Gawhtdayumit, Ivan. We've talked about this. No one wants another Red Terror.Anonymous1 week
v Except for that one time it did come.Anonymous1 week
11 is like the apocalypse... it never comes despite assurances to the contrary.Anonymous1 week
Gossip is intellectual junk food: it's cheap, tasty, and addictive but will always do more harm than good.Anonymous1 week
Jesus loves niggers. Commit crimes. Jesus loves crimes. This and moar, @11.Anonymous1 week
Your previous TCNN news correspondent has been replaced. Please disregard any previous statements regarding the TinyCouncil. Learn how to make cheap wine drinkable, with nothing more than Sprite and Fruit Roll-ups.
This and moar, @11.
Anonymous1 week
It's never too late for shaggy-dog dadaism, unless the cows have come home stapled to the last minute, which they were out co-opting the paradigms of ridiculous mechanical teddy bears with. It wasn't a bad day, if you don't count the reverse acid rain, but neither were pizzas inverting my roof with their charisma. Still, you could always save time by donating only a dollar to the cause; that will get it food for a day, water for a week, and mercury for a month. The first clause should have been a warning.Anonymous1 week
Sail Hatian!

JK, that's how you get FND.
Anonymous1 week
Is the TinyCouncil putting you in harm's way, for nothing moar than "the lols"?
This and moar, @11.
Anonymous2 weeks
Heus, hic nos omnes in agmine sunt!Anonymous2 weeks
At the end of the day, a hole is a hole. Doesn't matter now you put it, a hole is a hole.Anonymous2 weeks
The bell tolls for thee.Anonymous2 weeks
Anonymous2 weeks
I was living in a tent...eating at a soup I am going to work every day for almost twelve hours a day with a very sore hand...and staying 99 percent sobor..Anonymous2 weeks
le tin buls up in this shietAnonymous2 weeks
Boners.Anonymous2 weeks
Buttshits. Anonymous2 weeks
឴ ឴ ឴ ឴ ឴ Anonymous2 weeks
"Kill one person and you can solve so many problems. I wonder at the possibilities."Anonymous2 weeks
v Neck yourself. Anonymous3 weeks
v Obviously, they were "Trip" pants, with useless suspenders attached to them.Anonymous3 weeks
v The problem I ran into was there are different pants on my floor now and I'm not sure whose is whose. Did you have the the khakis, pinstripe slacks, or jhorts? Jhorts may not count as pants, but those certainly aren't mine.Anonymous3 weeks